DKnine Fitness Newsletter (04.05.2020)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter 04.05.2020

How many sessions are you doing this week? How is your nutrition going to be?
Only YOU can control this, life is hectic at the moment if you’re still working from home and with kids etc, BUT life is always going to be crazy & if you want to be healthy and get results you have to make it work or nothing will change 🙌🏼 Let’s do this 💪🏻
FREE Live Session Every Sunday
Yesterday we ran a FREE LIVE workout. 

If you missed it you can catch up now 🙂 

They are every Sunday at 10am 

Come and get involved!
What are you missing?
You may have tried time & time again to take hold of your health and fitness …and each time you do well for a few weeks & then you fall off the wagon

What is it that you’re missing? Accountability

Someone to make sure you are doing your 3 sessions a week, that you are watching what you eat and most importantly making sure that you have fun

We believe these 3 things are key to achieving life long changes in health & fitness
Client Shoutout
Shoutout to this lovely client for her heartwarming message. It’s a difficult time for everyone but we are all working together to get through it. When you sign up to our 28-day strong body strong mind you get a FREE 2 week trial at DKnine Cardiff. Join our online community now and our Cardiff community as soon as its safe
Ready to join the online community?
We are over 30’s body transformation specialists here to support you through this period of isolation. We believe the best way to keep your body and mind healthy is through fitness and regular online socialisation.

P.S. Did you know if you sign up to our programme you get a 2-week FREE trial at DKnine Cardiff when we re-open?
We’re Ready…Are You?

We’re Ready…Are You?

  AMAZING NEWS For Cardiff Ladies & Gents Over 30 - We Open Our Doors VERY SOON 💪🏻😁 With Our 6 Week Grand Reopening Transformation Challenge.This Is Going To Be Better Than Ever.🏋️‍♂️ New Workouts - We've had lots of fun designing them this week🍗 Updated...

Should you use the scales?

Should you use the scales?

 Do you consistently weigh yourself? Should you use the scales?Scales are a great way to visually see your progressBut they can often impact people really negativelySo it's really important to stop and consider whether they are helping your journey or hindering...



 ❗️BIG NEWS❗️15 Spaces Available On Our Re-opening Spring Body Transformation Programme 👉🏼 Secure Yours NOW!💪 Gain More Confidence🏃‍♂️ Increased Energy for Family and Work👔 Clothes Fit Better👙 Feel Comfortable On HolidayMost people we speak to have tried multiple...

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