DKnine Fitness Newsletter (06.09.2020)

DKnine Newsletter 06.09.2020

Happy Sunday! Shoutout to everyone we have seen this week – you all smashed it out of the park! Here at DKnine we just want everyone to try their best 🤙🏻 Come to your 3 sessions a week, go at your own pace and most of all – have fun 😎 Are you happy with the progress you made this week? If not, why? Is there anything we can do to help? 💪🏻

Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

We’ve all been there…we’re on a healthy eating plan and we think it’s going really well. And then we get on the dreaded scales and we haven’t lost any weight. Or perhaps we’ve even put on a tiny amount of weight. While it’s important to remember weight loss IS NOT linear, and your weight will come up and down. If you’re looking to lose weight the general direction of your weight should be on a downward slope. So, where are you going wrong? We have listed 6 things you may be doing which could be hindering your progress


 Dknine Could be For You

If you:

Are able to plan your own sessions
Know what you’re doing
Like to exercise on your own
And are great at self-motivating

Then a corporate gym is probably the place for you

However, if you:

Are a bit of a beginner
Don’t really know where to start with session planning
Find it REALLY difficult to motivate yourself
Or simply would LOVE someone to do this all for you

DKnine is your place

We provide Team Training sessions in groups of up to 10 and Small Group sessions max 4 people. Each session is planned, suited to all abilities and designed for you to get fit, lose weight, build muscle AND have fun!

Members of The Month

Huge Well Done to this month’s Members Of The Month! Everyone has done so well since being back, its been amazing to have everyone back inside again!

SG – Jim
TT – Yvonne

Jim and Yvonne have both been working super hard, coming 3-4 times a week and generally being happy positive influences on other members. We love having you here guys!


🏋🏽 Unlimited PT led sessions per week

🥕800+ healthy recipes & meal plans

👯Full accountability

😇 A friendly & supportive community

…and much more!

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (20.12.20)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (20.12.20)

 DKnine Newsletter 21.12.2020 Afternoon Everyone  Sadly, we got the news that DKnine will be closing once more for a Welsh Lockdown 3.0. All we can do as staff and members is be positive and get through this together. We have done it before and we can do it again...

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (12.12.20)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (12.12.20)

 DKnine Newsletter 13.12.2020 Happy Sunday! 🙋🏼‍ What has everyone done with their weekends? Who's done a gym session? 🙌🏻 Has anyone watched Elf yet? 🎅🏼 Hands up, who hasn't started their Christmas shopping?  With less than 2 weeks until Christmas...the pressure...

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (06.12.20)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (06.12.20)

 DKnine Newsletter 06.12.20 Afternoon everyone!  This week has been a great week for us here at DKnine. We have ordered new equipment, confirmed a total of over £2500 raised for our local mental health charity and put our Christmas tree up! 😆 Remember, we are...

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