DKnine Fitness Newsletter (07.08.2020)

DKnine Newsletter 07.08.2020

Good afternoon everyone. What a Week! A huge shoutout to everyone who has taken part in both our outdoor group sessions but also our live workouts. Tomorrow, we are moving back inside 😁 Let’ smash it 💪

To all the new-starters out there…

Firstly, good on you. Finding the courage and motivation to start something new is not easy, and we really do recognise that. Every single thing you gain from joining us will be so so worth it. So, if you’re still apprehensive and haven’t made that step to get in contact. Think of the improvements you will see in your physical health, fitness, social life and of course mental health… it’s a no brainer! Ready to join us this August?

Stop Agonising over how far you need to go

It is very common to set one massive goal e.g. i want to lose 5 stone, and to lose sight of the journey you will go on to achieve this and why you actually want to do it. So, instead of constantly focussing on how much weight you have left to lose. Ask yourself why you want to do this? There are so many possible reasons…such as: to feel more confident, to feel happier, to feel healthier.

All of the above won’t happen all at once when that 5 stone is off, they will gradually happen during this journey. Another tip…Set smaller goals instead of having one big goal. For example, instead of saying you want to lose 5 stone. Set your goal to lose 1 stone at a time. Enjoy the journey. And be proud of every win, however big or small – you’re doing awesome!!! Need help setting achievable goals? DKnine is here to help!


The DKnine Team
Last week we set a few hours aside for each member of staff to carry out their Covid Awareness Training. This week we have got the gym ready to go for indoor sessions, including:

2 meter squared spaces, sanitation stations, antibacterial hand-gel dispensers, 15 minute breaks between each session to sanitise equipment, separate entrance and exit doors and an intro and outro procedure

It is very important to us that both staff and clients feel safe and equipped to deal with everything Covid related.

Are you ready to join us?


🏋🏽 Unlimited PT led sessions per week

🥕800+ healthy recipes & meal plans

👯Full accountability

😇 A friendly & supportive community

…and much more!

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (21.01.21)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (21.01.21)

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DKnine Fitness Newsletter (20.12.20)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (20.12.20)

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