DKnine Fitness Newsletter (20.09.2020)

DKnine Newsletter 20.09.2020

Good Evening! 

What a beautiful weekend we have had…very grateful that September is bringing us this lovely weather after a very strange summer. 

⭐️ Great news…our 6 Week Body Transformation Course £99 offer is now extended until the end of the month ⭐️

SAVE £60 in the next 2 weeks (£159 from October the 1st) On the fence? Head over to our reviews section 👉🏼 

We are worth the travel – Sometimes when people apply to DKnine they express their concerns with spending too much time traveling to the gym. If you live in the city and you’re looking for a corporate gym…I’m sure you can find one around the corner or within a 10 minute drive. However, if its a community you’re looking for. We’re worth that extra time in the car or on your bike. We are like no other gym. 

How to increase fitness – Very often people decide the best way to get fit & healthy is to do everything at once…However, if you’re really struggling with this the best thing to do is break it down and change your habits week by week.

1) Follow a simple programme. Make it specific to your goals. Remember, you don’t need fancy equipment and complicated exercises!

2) Make exercise a habit. Start finding the time to exercise 3 times a week. It’s not necessary to go all guns blazing and do 6 sessions during your second week. Plus, you will be very sore and rest days are very important.

3) Nutrition. Keep it simple! If your goal is to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. A great way of tracking this is using MyFitnessPal to get a rough estimate of what you eat most days and figuring out where to go from there to maintain that deficit.

4) Sleep. You will wake up with a clear head, feeling revitalised and ready to take on the day. Plus, it aids weight loss as being too tired makes you more hungry!

5) Progressive overload. To make good progress at the gym you need to make sure your sessions get harder. A great way to do this is to track what you do each week and add some extra weight as you improve.

6) Make that permanent change. By now you will have made lots of small changes to your lifestyle. You will be consistently improving and getting fitter but most importantly, enjoying the process.

Need help making these changes? Ready to commit to our 6 Week Body Transformation Course? The beauty of our course is that we have you covered on week 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6…the only thing we can’t do is make you turn Netflix off and get some extra sleep 😎

Client Shoutouts 

Amazing results! After just 3 weeks on our 6 Week Body Transformation Course. Even with a busy job & limited time. You CAN still get results 

Plus…Save the date! 23rd – 24th October 🤗 

On the 23rd of October, DKnine Fitness and our over 30’s members are going to set out to climb the height of Mount Everest in 24 hours to raise funds for Mind Cardiff. We would LOVE you to get involved See more info below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Are You Ready To Join Us?

Our 6 Week Body Transformation Course Offers: 

🏋🏽 Unlimited PT led sessions per week 

🥕800+ healthy recipes & meal plans 

👯Full accountability 

😇 A friendly & supportive community

…and much more! 


DKnine Fitness Newsletter (20.12.20)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (20.12.20)

 DKnine Newsletter 21.12.2020 Afternoon Everyone  Sadly, we got the news that DKnine will be closing once more for a Welsh Lockdown 3.0. All we can do as staff and members is be positive and get through this together. We have done it before and we can do it again...

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (12.12.20)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (12.12.20)

 DKnine Newsletter 13.12.2020 Happy Sunday! 🙋🏼‍ What has everyone done with their weekends? Who's done a gym session? 🙌🏻 Has anyone watched Elf yet? 🎅🏼 Hands up, who hasn't started their Christmas shopping?  With less than 2 weeks until Christmas...the pressure...

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (06.12.20)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (06.12.20)

 DKnine Newsletter 06.12.20 Afternoon everyone!  This week has been a great week for us here at DKnine. We have ordered new equipment, confirmed a total of over £2500 raised for our local mental health charity and put our Christmas tree up! 😆 Remember, we are...

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