DKnine Fitness Newsletter (22.11.19)

This week Karolyn hit her 65th session here at DKnine.
We understand Christmas is a tough time of year for many people, but this doesn’t mean you are not important. You deserve time for yourself. If you are not 100% others miss out. Karolyn took some time for herself and it shows in her results – 3 stone down and still going.

Plus, this weekend we are running a strength competition for all of our members to attend. There is no pressure, just a bit of fun! 🏋️
Are you struggling with your food?
Many people can struggle with their weight by building bad relationships with food by thinking that you need to
-Eat boring foods to lose weight 
-Use lots of food as a treat for hard work
-Thinking that there’s no way they’ll ever lose weight through their diet

Theres also the flip side of this where people believe that:

– Eating one certain food or highly dense meal will make you gain weight 🤔
-Not tracking your calories to the absolute gram will make you gain weight

Building a good relationship with food means you have the know how and foresight to do what you enjoy whilst still gaining results in and out of the gym 😀👍

Switch your Focus 🙌🏽

Each week we have people step on the scales & look at us blankly when their weight hasn’t changed and they just never can understand why….➡️ FOOD ⬅️

Everything counts. If you’re doing 3/4 sessions a week, burning 300/400 calories a time, you’re not doing all of that for nothing. That’s up to 1,200 calories a week you’re burning. But if you go out at the weekend and overeat on a Sunday buy 1,200 calories, you’re back at square one. So no, you won’t have lost any weight this week because you ate more calories than you burnt. The average person can put on up to a stone at Christmas time. So easily on, but a struggle to shift afterwards. You can still live your life, while being healthy and looking after yourself too 👏🏼🎄

Tanya’s 100th Session!
We celebrate every milestone. Tanya has been with us for over a year, she works hard, and always has a laugh.  Not everyone has the time to come 5 days a week and we understand that. Get here when you can and do your best.
Are you ready to join us?
Fitness should be a priority 🤞🏻 Can’t workout 4/5 times a week? What about 2/3? Can’t walk 10k steps a day? What about 7k? You don’t have to be perfect but you do need to be consistent. Consistently making good choices = results.
DKnine Fitness Newsletter (21.01.21)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (21.01.21)

 DKnine Newsletter 21.01.2021 Afternoon Everyone  I hope you are all well. It has been a tough start to 2021 and we are all very aware of that at DKnine. We are running online sessions, coffee mornings and quizzes to try to support everyone in any way that we...

Take Care of Yourself this January

Take Care of Yourself this January

 Take Care of Yourself this January January generally isn't known for being the happiest month of year...🤯What are you going to do this January to make sure you take care of yourself?We really strongly recommend A nutritious healthy balanced diet 🍌Regular...

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (20.12.20)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (20.12.20)

 DKnine Newsletter 21.12.2020 Afternoon Everyone  Sadly, we got the news that DKnine will be closing once more for a Welsh Lockdown 3.0. All we can do as staff and members is be positive and get through this together. We have done it before and we can do it again...

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