DKnine Fitness Newsletter (31.01.21)

DKnine Newsletter 31.01.2021

Afternoon Everyone

Our programme is ALL about making time for yourself and making your health a priority but with WFH being the new norm, its making that even harder with homeschooling, bad weather and moods being at an all-time low, but we WILL get there, together 🙌🏻

We run a 6PM session Monday – Friday to fit in around everyone’s day. Members have mentioned that they now plan their day around it and it gives them something to look forward! ❤️


Here’s why you should join US

Ever walked through the door at a corporate gym and felt uncomfortable? Felt confused and embarrassed about trying to use equipment?

Locked into a 12-month contract? You don’t get ANY of that here!

You see…we do a few simple things that make us different

✅We don’t just work with anyone

✅We give nutrition support and guidance

✅ We have a dedicated support team who are here to first make sure you feel 100% comfortable. They are here to motivate encourage and answer your questions


Ready to see for yourself how we are different? We are closed right now…but the waitlist is growing and capacity is limited

Tips For Keeping Busy During Lockdown

Everyone is getting a little fed up…We’ve done the walks, played the quizzes, learned to play guitar for 2 weeks

Tick, tick, tick!

Now what?

If you are really struggling —>

Struggling to get out of bed
Struggling to stay social
Struggle to be active

These tips are more important than ever right now. Don’t like the anxiety, the stress, the boredom get the better of you

Read another book!
Go for another long walk!
Pick up that guitar again!
Do another workout!

We can do this 💪

It’s repetitive and frustrating but it is this self-care which will get you through


This week we had the lovely Katie from Body Rythem doing a Yoga class for our Members via Zoom 

With everything going on at the moment, it was lovely to empty our minds, even just for 30 minutes and focus on our breathing 

Have you ever tried Yoga? 

Shoutout to all of our clients that took part


All of the spaces made available for January are now taken. In 2 weeks we will add some extra spaces. If you would like to be considered – be sure to message and get priority when we open.

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (21.01.21)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (21.01.21)

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Take Care of Yourself this January

Take Care of Yourself this January

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DKnine Fitness Newsletter (20.12.20)

DKnine Fitness Newsletter (20.12.20)

 DKnine Newsletter 21.12.2020 Afternoon Everyone  Sadly, we got the news that DKnine will be closing once more for a Welsh Lockdown 3.0. All we can do as staff and members is be positive and get through this together. We have done it before and we can do it again...

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