Miracles do happen ?

Holly had a phone call from her sister this morning, telling her that she had just passed her driving test

Thing is, she was terrible when she first started

She kept stalling, kept struggling to get the hang of it

Yet she kept doing the lesson

6 Months later…. SHE HAS PASSED HER TEST ?

This is almost the same story for one of our guy clients Chris

So far he has been coming for almost 3 months

And has lost just over 1 stone ?

Not exactly super fast BUT…

He kept up his gym sessions, 2, sometimes 3 times per week

He kept up with his best efforts with his food

3 months later, he has lost just over 1 stone

And here is the thing….

Results don’t just happen overnight

Holly’s sister didn’t just become good at driving and pass right away, she practices

Chris didn’t just drop over 6kg overnight, he kept working on what we showed him on our program

So if you want to start to see results

BE LIKE HOLLYS SISTER and keep working at it

David 🙂

PS… Want to know how we can help? Go here –>> https://cardiff.dkninefitness.com/get-started

We’re Ready…Are You?

We’re Ready…Are You?

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Should you use the scales?

Should you use the scales?

 Do you consistently weigh yourself? Should you use the scales?Scales are a great way to visually see your progressBut they can often impact people really negativelySo it's really important to stop and consider whether they are helping your journey or hindering...



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